Tawawaramoto, Nara Prefercture,
Horseback Archery (Yabusame) Festival

According to the “Diary of Yabusame of Nagakawa (edited in 1384) ”, in the occasion of entertainments performed at the shrine ritual of Kasuga Wakamiya Festival, a group of worries called Hasagawato, who was active around Tawaramoto area, departed Temple of Hoki in Tawaramoto and perfomed this horseback archery.

This festival is a revival of its Yabusame (Horseback Archery) to preserve the legacy for the history and culture of Tawaramoto.

Under the backgroud, “Tawaramoto Yabusame Committee” has been set up.

We hope that a lot of people feel and enjoy the history of Tawaramoto town through this festival.

Date   : Sun, DEC.1, 2019 at noon

Place  : Karako-Kagi Remains and Historic Landmark Park

Time schedule

30 of November

12:00 Arrival of Ogasawara Yabusame group at Tawaramoto

14:00 Rehearsal

1 of December

  6:00 Rehearsal

12:00 Start of Parade at Ike Shirne

12:30 End of Parade at Karako Kagi Remains and Historic Landmark Park

13:00 Start of Horseback Archery

15:00 End of Horseback Archery


Free Shuttle Bus Operation between Kintetsu Tawaramoto Railway station and the festival venue (Roadside Station “Resti Karako Kagi”), and between Tawaramoto Town Office and the festival venue (Roadside Station “Resti Karako Kagi”)

On the day of Nara Tawaramoto Horseback Archery Festival, on December 1st, the free shuttle bus operates from Kintetsu Tawaramoto Railway Station and Tawaramoto Town Office. If you would like to take free shuttle bus from Tawaramoto Town Office, you can park your car for free at the Town Office.

Time table of Free Shuttle Bus

Kintetsu Tawaramoto Railway Station ⇒ Roadside Station “Resti Karako Kagi”

Departure from Kintetsu Tawaramoto Railway Station 10:00,10:30,11:00,11:30, 12:00, 12:30

Kintetsu Tawaramoto Town Office ⇒ Roadside Station “Resti Karako Kagi”

Departure from Tawaramoto Town Office 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30

Roadside Station “Resti Karako Kagi” ⇒Kintetsu Tawaramoto Town Office ⇒ Kintetsu Tawaramoto Railway Station

Departure from Roadside Station “Resti Karako Kagi”between 14:00-16:30 as needed

Free Shuttle Bus Stop

Kintetsu Tawaramoto Railway Station

Station West Terminal

Tawaramoto Town Office

Northern Main Entrance

Roadside Station “Resti Karako Kagi”

Inside the Car Park

Car Park 

Please use the following car parks especially arranged for the festival visitors.

-Tawaramoto North Elementary School Ground

- Car Park of Tawaramoto Town Office

However, for getting to the venue,

we will strongly recommend to use public transportation, free shuttle bus,

bicycle or by foot, to avoid heavy traffic jam.


Secretariat of Tawaramoto Yabusame Festival Committee designated inside the Policy Planning Division of Tawaramoto Town

Tel. 0744-33-9270

Mail. seisaku@town.tawaramoto.nara.jp